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Karl Landsteiner develops the ABO blood group system.

Fast Facts for National Blood Donor Month

English physician William Harvey publishes "On the Motion of the Heart and Blood," describing his account of the circulation of blood through the human body. Not just in honor of National Blood Donor Month, but in the simple spirit of providing the stuff of life to those who need it most. Donate now. Donate again in eight weeks.

Celebrating National Blood Donor Month - Shamrock Way Inc

National Blood Donor Month can inspire people to donate. And those donations can in turn inspire others to donate, creating an exponential increase in blood donations when and where they're needed the most. What's your blood type? Some examples: O positive donors are needed more often than other blood types.

O negative donors are considered "universal donors.


According to the American Red Cross, about 38 percent of the U. Brookhaven National Laboratory says that people who begin donating blood at age 17 and donate every eight weeks will have donated 48 gallons of blood by age When we donate blood, labs examine the donation for multiple infectious diseases, such as HIV and West Nile virus. Your dog can donate blood, too. Check with your veterinarian and the Humane Society to make sure you know the local rules and regulations for this type of donation. National suppliers of blood, like the American Red Cross, collect blood from all across the country, then redistribute it to areas in need.

This means that if you donate blood in North Dakota, your contribution could go to help disaster relief efforts in Texas.

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Local blood banks are just that: local. Community blood banks typically collect less blood from a smaller population area, but then use that blood within a localized geographic region. So if you give to a blood bank in your community, you can feel confident that your donation is going to help somewhere near you, perhaps even a neighbor, friend or family member.

January is National Blood Donor Month

Deciding on where you want to donate is a great step in giving this January. Maybe you care a lot, and decide based on your convictions. No matter what you decide, you can make a valuable contribution for others either closeby or far away.

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Conquer your fears. If needles tend to be an anxiety of yours, consider this: one minute of discomfort can make a world of difference for someone else in need.

National Blood Donor's Month

Your single donation can save up to three lives. That sounds like a pretty great reason to conquer your fears. The foreign cyber security expert, who is based overseas and was not identified, has said he does not intend to disclose the database, the HSA said. Some donors' blood type, height and weight were also included in the database, HSA said.

presissacor.ga The data was provided to the vendor for updating HSA's Westgate Tower and Woodlands blood banks' databases and testing purposes after some donors said their data was outdated. It was placed on a server accessible through the Internet on Jan 4 without adequate safeguards to prevent unauthorised access.

This was done without HSA's knowledge and approval, and was against the vendor's contractual obligations, HSA said, adding that the database was only accessible through a database client and not through a Web browser. HSA added that the cyber security consultant who accessed the data has told them he does not intend to disclose it and is working with the agency to delete the information. The latest incident is the third healthcare-related IT incident to make the news in as many months. And last month, the ministry said that a computer error had resulted in 7, people receiving inaccurate healthcare subsidies when they applied for and renewed their Community Health Assist Scheme Chas cards in September and October last year.

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