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I had never hated a man until met Spencer King, the heir to a multi-billion-dollar empire. Love is a language that few understand. This is not just another story of love, but what true love is when the unexpected happens.


It's been said that when you truly love someone, it's eternal. This beautiful love story is about 2 people who experienced the extraordinary. Even though they've never met. In memory of Waking up, she finds the world outside. Waking up, she finds a world for her. Waking up, someone remembers her.

A vision of life. I'm trained to kill Fairies. That's right; Fairies. I'm an Extinguisher; a psychic soldier charged with protecting our world from them—the Fey. Long ago, there was a war between humans and fairies, and the world was nearly destroyed by it. Now, we have a truce in place to prevent that from Book One, Breathless, is also free on this site as well as on all ebook platforms.

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Don't miss out! Mason Jones can't believe how bad his marriage to Abby is doing. He and Mariama Mandara had their professional clashes in the past, and Rowan has no desire to It's been eighteen years But life pulled them apart Pararescueman Jose "Cuervo" James is the guy they call for the most dangerous assignments. He lives for his job.

On a high-risk rescue deep in the African jungle, Jose encounters sexy, smart Interpol a Five of today's hottest romance authors unleash the passionate thrills of new love in one sizzling original collection Two neighbors secretly yearn to get a whole lot closer. An adult hotline operator meets a man straight out of her private fantas And Conrad Hughes, casino magnate, did just that with his absences and lies.

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Now she's ready to move on, but her h Shelby Conrad has had more than her fair share of silent nights. But even though her husband, Tech Sergeant Alex Conrad, is coming home in time for Christmas, Shelby isn't sure he's in time to save their marriage. Can a road trip to deliver three she After a dark ops malfunction, Major David Berg finds himself dead center in a military trial. Hillary Wright has always been a magnet for Mr. Her latest left her in trouble with the law, and to clear her name, she's agreed to an undercover sting -- as the "date" for infamous Troy Donavan.

The notorious hacker is now a government good g A decorated hero, pararescueman Liam McCabe lives to serve. Six months ago, her and Rachel Flores met in the horrific aftermath of an earthquake in the Bahamas. They were tempted by an explosive attraction, but t Except for what it's like to touch her. Because Gabrielle is his best friend's fiancee. Or she was. Until his buddy died in battle -- right af After barely surviving enemy torture, Captain Chuck Tanaka doesn't trust himself to do more than ride a desk -- but new orders leave him no choice.

Assigned to the investigation of a mob boss whose luxury cruise ship Then he moves on. But when he pulls beautiful Amelia Bailey and her adopted nephew from the rubble of a catastrophic earthquake, he Playing house While cleaning a jet for entrepreneur Seth Jansen, Alexa Randall finds the strangest items: his one-year-old twins! Seth needs a temporary nanny; Alexa needs time for a one-on-one business pitch. So she says yes to an intimate stay It should have been a simple mission Pararescueman Wade Rocha fast ropes from the back of a helicopter into a blizzard to save a climber stranded on an Aleutian Island, but Sunny Foster insists she can take care of herself just fine But when Now that Rafe Cameron had made his fortune, he was out to settle old debts.

Except he hadn't counted on running into Sarah Richards -- his feisty ex-flame who was determined to put an Duty, Honor There was no way he had fathered her baby! Carlos Medina knew he couldn't have children. But Lilah Anderson insisted their night together had resulted in her pregnancy. And when she refused to back down, his princely honor demand A Royal Charade He'd caught her red-handed No reporter infiltrated the royal family, especially not by entering his bedroom window.

If Kate Harper wanted her story, she'd have to agree to his term November: Antonio Medina, Stetson-clad royalty His Past: Living without royal constraints His Present: Dealing with the results of his ruse The world knew him only as a Texas shipping magnate, lover of the finer things in life Meet the shocked father-to-be: Nicolas Valera had indulged himself with society gal Vanessa Hughes, knowing it would lead nowhere.

But the Argentinean was more than tempted to persuade her back into his bed. He never expected their torrid affair woul I Now Pronounce You Still Married!

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It had been a mistake She'd left him the morning after their whirlwind wedding. And he'd never forgiven her. As quickly as they had once exchanged rings, Jonah filed for But no way could And now that he was securely ensconced at Maddox Communications, he was determined to become an even bigger success. Then startling news broke and Jason -- along with everyon October: Kyle Landis, Air Force commander, millionaire Motto: Family first, last, always.

He'd worked the most dangerous missions, but nothing had prepared Kyle Landis for the surprise of becoming a dad. When P As a pilot in the air force's top secret test unit, Vince keeps a cool head at the controls. But ever si But privately, her life was in turmoil: a humiliating breakup, paparazzi at her heels The Hollywood starlet needed to escape.

Then she found a night of pleasure--media-free Although she is grateful, and he's as hot as the fire that took the boat down, the last Just seconds after signing divorce papers, Marianna Landis fainted. Shocked, her now ex-husband Sebastian discovered Marianna was three-and-a-half months pregnant. The timing was perfectly in line with their last impetuous night together Convenient proposal Everyone is talking about the surprise engagement between Matthew Landis and Ashley Carson.

Seems the oldest son of one of South Carolina's most powerful families is engaged to someone Could this announcement--conve Always a hero So when a stunning brunette clad only in a cocktail dress stumbled to his doorstep, the off-duty air force sergeant went into protector mode. So how could she possibly inform the Garrison clan that the baby's father was their archenemy? Brooke planned to keep the paternity secret He wouldn't let anything put her at risk--including his growing feelings for her. Danger threw them intimately together, taking them to a passionate point of no return They don't call Vegas Sin City for nothing.

And now that prime tourist season is around the corner, it's time to kick some criminal butt. Enter three full-throttle Vegas detectives, ready to eat their undercover assignments alive Clarissa Ri On his way to deliver divorce papers to his soon-to-be ex, a terrorist attack put U. His wife and her two adopted children were in danger.

He didn't give a damn if she wanted him out David Reis exuded power with every move of his custom-suited body. A fine line between duty and desire They'd shared one wild weekend of passion, then she'd left without a word. Five years later, Nola Seabrook tracked down Captain Rick DeMassi to apologize for her hasty departure, not realizing this fresh encount Five bestselling authors Five real-life heroines They're your neighbors, your aunts, your sisters and your best friends.

They're women across North America committed to reaching out and changing lives, one good deed at a time. Five of these except A brand-new, heart-pounding tale featuring Catherine Mann's heroic Special Ops unit. Air Force captain Bobby "Postal" Ruznick wouldn't consider working a job that didn't occasionally scare him to death.

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But nothing gets under his skin like sexy pr She knew if she told him, he'd offer marriage. But she wanted more than just an honorable response Suddenly Nikki Price was the prime suspect in a murder. Even worse, working the case was air force major Carson "Scorch" Hunt -- the wingmen warrior she' Five years ago, Lieutenant Colonel Lucas Quade had watched his wife of mere moments die.

Forced to flee from a war-torn country, he'd had to leave her body behind. The guilt had nearly consumed him. Five years ago, Sarafina Quade's death had been Now he was forced to play protector as they embarked on the most danger Her eyes had tormented him for months, because he felt responsible for her husband's There's just one thing keeping air force officers Joshua and Alicia Rosen from finalizing their divorce -- the Arctic survival course they have to pass together. But when they find themselves chased across the frozen tundra by armed pursuers, even th But after a good friend's death, the usually savvy Athena Academy graduate wasn't performing at her best.

Kylie Jenner: who'd want to be a matte lip billionaire?

Then his wife, Rena, dropped a bomb of her own: she was pregnant. After more than twenty years of marriage A mission of the utmost secrecy. A country torn apart by war. A man with his defenses crumbling.

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With one week to complete a top secret mission, Major Jack "Cobra" Korba did not need emotional distractions. But when flight surgeon Monica Hyatt, Flying a dangerous rescue into a war-torn country to save his two little orphaned brothers was all in a day's work for air force hero Daniel Baker. But finding Mary Elise McRae stowed away on board -- scared, a Instead, she was stuck hauling a brooding scientist to the calm waters of Guam.

Darcy thought she was being shuff Agent: Ethan Williams Mission: Intercept international jewel thieves with information on the whereabouts of a missing agent. Deepest Secret: He's spent his life searching for his parents' killers, but the answers he seeks are closer than he thinks Zach Dawson was a dress-blue bona fide hero, complete with medals and behind-enemy-lines battle scars.

But a hero didn't allow an airman's pregnant wife to become a widow under his watch. And a hero d Kathleen O'Connell's years in the air force had taught her a thing or two about handling arrogant top-gun pilots. But there was one hotshot flyboy who'd always gotten past her defenses. And now he was her unwelcome partner Yet the sight of Lori Rutledge had the Air Force flight surgeon almost dropping to his knees.

After a year without her, Grayson was now her partner. Suddenly, rescuing a group of orphans from Ex-Intelligence officer Jake Larson was on a top-secret mission and didn't need some "wife" tagging along. But feisty P. Allie St. James had followed Jake to the White Sands Resort on her own investigation, giving them the perfect cover We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement.

Book List: 81 titles. The Rancher's Seduction. The Second Chance. The Twin Birthright. The Love Child.

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