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Archangel Raphael healing messages.

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Angelic wisdom from Archangel Azrael, Chamuel and Gabriel. Archangel Michael messages. Channelled information on from Sirian Archangelic League of the Light What to do to prepare for the ascension, along with ascension activities that will help you during times of emergencies. Guidance from Mary Magdalene on how to connection with higher self.

Spiritual guidance from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. Archangel Uriel messages. Ascended Master Lord Melchizedek talks about how everything comes back to one. Chapters Preface Introduction Archangel Raphael — Negative places have negative effects on you Materialism and ego Archangel Azrael and Joshua — Messages for Glenn Archangel Jophiel — The importance of meditation Archangel Jophiel — Daily meditation is as important as breathing Archangel Metatron — Close the door to negative people Archangel Michael — Teach your children life-skills Archangel Michael — Show your children how to live with belief, strength, courage and truth Archangel Metatron — Knowledge is useless without action Archangel Raphael — Teach the children survival skills Archangel Metatron — Stop putting up with your life Archangel Chamuel — Children need to learn compassion Archangel Metatron — Why should you be spiritual?

Archangel Metatron — Your attackers are driven by fear Ascended Master Melchizedek — Beware the impending natural disasters Archangel Metatron — Follow the dreams of your childhood Archangel Metatron — What do we have to do to get you to meditate? Every time I read a book from Jill and Glenn, I just cannot put the book down. The book speaks to my soul, and I keep going back to it even though I finished the book some time back.

Thanks Jill and Glenn and Archangels and spirits for these books. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What did I come here to do? I came here to heal my heart by forgiving myself, God, my parents and others. I came here to learn to love myself and to love others. When I heard of Maya, I sensed it was important for me to see and hear her, even though I felt some resistance. Shortly after, I had a private reading with Maya and felt the shattered fragmented pieces of my spirit, heart, mind and body begin to come back together.

She saw me, heard and validated me in a way I was unable to accept before. I believe as I continue that my journey of healing benefits my children, family and the world. May we all have the determination and courage to reach ever higher for our peace and happiness. Thank you Maya for your loving presence on my journey.

Seraphim, Archangel, Inner Guide, and Native Elder Attunements – Healing Energy Reiki

Her guidance has helped me tremendously. I am filled with peace even though my life is full of turmoil. Her guided meditations are equivalent to months of therapy. It reaches to your soul. Maya is a beautiful spirit filled with wisdom and love. She truly is a gift to us all. I am grateful for her And I can't wait to read her books that she has written.

I highly recommend her guided meditations. Maya is a healer. Trina, AZ I am usually a very expressive person. I hope I can do justice to explain the wonderful, enlightening experiences I have had with Maya. I felt terrible because I arrived late, but beautiful Maya welcomed me into the class and then continued the journey with Archangel Uriel. I was captivated from the moment I met Maya. I felt at peace being in her presence. She spoke to each of us and to the class as a whole. I knew when the conversation pertained to me; it was beautiful.

At the conclusion of the class, I knew that I not only wanted, but needed to meet this "Angel" again. Her purpose, without a doubt, is to spread love and understanding. She is "real". She is refreshing; she is honest; she is a gift to anyone who meets her! I called Maya a couple of days after the class and asked her if I could schedule a private session. She came to my home and the session began. I did not know what we would discuss; I merely went with the flow. It was absolutely amazing. She tapped into areas of my life that I had suppressed for too many years.

It gave me a greater understanding of who I am and why I do life the way I do. Time passed so quickly; I did not want to see her leave. I will be scheduling other class and individual sessions with Maya because her presence has enhanced my life! I hope that other individuals on a spiritual journey will bring Maya into their lives.

She is truly a "Beautiful Angel" who God has sent to earth to make a positive, remarkable difference in the lives of others! MDiane, Scottsdale Maya has channeled messages for me that I just needed to hear in order to be able to turn a corner in my life and feel a shift.

Archangel Uriel

Her genuine love for mankind and people like myself who are crying out for someone who genuinely cares will give people like myself an avenue to heal their lives completely as Maya has done for me while channeling Archangel Uriel and others. I feel so privileged to have come across her path and I can truly say that my life is better because I met her. God Bless you Maya! MW, California Maya's Uriel events are a magical experience that truly empower your soul.

Not only do I learn a tremendous amount, but I leave each time feeling fulfilled. I highly recommend them! DW, California I had a 45 minute session with Maya. Upon first hearing her voice I felt great compassion and unconditional love. She shared that each persons healing is her healing as well, since we are all one. This genuine feeling of support by her allowed me to be willing and vulnerable to delve into a painful memory.

Her gentle and talented guidance helped me to move through a childhood issue that I was trying to pretend wasn't important. The tears flowed and the healing was able to happen. Thank you, Maya, for your ability to be there for me. You are a very gifted healer!

L F, California I have had several sessions with Maya throughout the past few years. I have especially found the writing sessions to be very helpful. Those years of my unanswered questions and "wondering why's" were revealed through her channeling and intuition in these sessions. I am amazed and shocked at how much was revealed. I also strongly believe what is revealed is healed.


Without Maya's loving and divine guidance through these sessions, I will be lost and stuck in times of cross-roads in my life. I am very happy to have received answers and divine guidance through Maya. She has a pure-heart and is a God-send. I will be resorting to her help again to expedite my emotional cleansing and spiritual growth while continuing to doing my "homework" and mastering life's lessons.

I am so grateful to have known Maya and feel very blessed she has what it takes to help me in my journey. I was able to release many past lives and current life old pattern of fear- fear of communicating the truth with my husband. I learnt that the time has come to own our own women's power, to be ourselves, to be true to ourselves, to love ourselves as we are, to set boundaries and not fear rejection from our male spouse.

When the shadow comes out, the lessons that I need to learn is non-attachment, non-judgment, allow people to have their tantrum, their disappointments, allow people to change in God's time, not our time, still be who I am- a loving, generous person. Maya, with her divine channeling and loving guidance, has helped me to learn the courage to face and own our shadows, deepen the faith in God, the courage to take care of ourselves and continue to master our life's lessons.

I am a work in progress, with self-love and self-acceptance, so that that can be extended outward to love others and accept others as they are Thank you Maya, you have given me something so powerful and valuable that is so priceless. I am blessed to have found you. Your guidance, advice, coaching and encouragement has helped me deal with some of my deepest fears head on.

I can always count on you to be there and tell me the truth. Anyone looking to change their lives from the inside-out I strongly recommend Maya. It is a complex matter…and each person is different. I have already lived many lives during my existence here on earth. A few things happened this past week to help me on my course to change my pattern…. I was crying out for help. Anonymous, Canada Maya, I just wanted to touch base with you about me and Michael and all of your fabulous counseling and reflection.

The relationship and our communication is still challenging at times. We argue and bicker often, we love and kiss often. I just want you to do that I appreciate all your talks and compassionate words to me and Michael.