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Recomendar Twitter. Playlists relacionadas. Aplicaciones y plugins. Australia, according to the Attorney general's Department , deems that to " launch a space object means launch the object into an area beyond the distance of km above mean sea level, or attempt to do so. Given that outer space isn't owned by any nation, we now have a border that sets our territory apart from these new "international waters" on which the ships we launch will sail.

Soon a new craft will begin its maiden voyages. One the shuttle's potential replacements, proposed by private corporation Rocketplane Kistler , is due to be tested from Woomera over the next few years. The Kistler K-1 is a two-stage vehicle designed for full reusability. It is feet Rocketplane-Kistler is a partnership that includes Lockheed-Martin and Northrop Grumman, two companies who are already bringing their technologies to South Australia to participate in the warship construction. It was noted in the memorandum on the Australian Space Activities Bill that the company's subsidiary Kistler Woomera Pty Ltd had applied to build a facility.

It appears that taking the project to the defence giants has given the scheme the firepower it needed to become attractive to NASA. It's noted in the document linked above circulated by the same Senator Nick Minchin who is currently showing of a possible model for the new warships at Port Adelaide that Kistler at that time were expected to be the first to utilise the legislation. This makes you wonder who had the Prime Minister's ear in order to get the legalities sorted out so quickly. Given the amount of momentum development in South Australia was given by Dick Cheney's visit to Australia in , it would be unsurprising if the aspiring US Vice President had a word in John Howard's ear.

What I'm now beginning to believe is that experiments that Rocketplane-Kistler are carrying out are maybe not just to carry staff and supplies to one space station. I'm thinking more about a US Military ability to put American troops anywhere in the world as soon as Cheney snaps his fingers.

Cheney is a fan of using air-dropped Marines in operations, to the point that he reportedly attempted to bypass the US Military to implement a scheme to invade Baghdad using airborne Marines. Deciding to come up with "something bolder" in the way of an offensive plan, he had personnel on the Joint Staff formalise his ideas and then actually pitched them to President Bush before they were ever revealed to General Norman Schwarzkopf, the commander on the ground responsible for planning and implementing the operation.

Cheney's plan: drop the 82nd airborne division on top of missile-command sites near the far-western edge of Iraq, then have the Division link up with elements of the st Air Assault Division and 3rd Armored Cavalry Division and then hightail it eastward to threaten Baghdad.

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In the late 's Cheney was yet to return to the White House to have another go at seizing Baghdad and providing security of future US oil supply. As he travelled to Australia in '97 as CEO of Halliburton, and while the new Howard Government was working out the legalities so that the Kistler project could proceed, Cheney possessed the ability to provide levels of security for the facility capable of providing success for his previously failed invasion.

known as the Woomera in Australia

Cheney acquired the Australian engineering company Kinhill as a template for Halliburton Australia, and created a prominent international headquarters for in the nearest substantial city to the spaceport, the South Australian capital of Adelaide. Cheney's Crew were given control of Adelaide's water supply. They were responsible for the creation of a railway that linked the country to the world via the Outback, They created development plans for SA suburbs and country towns and the roads that link them.

A Halliburton chief, who sat on the State's Economic Development Board, was placed in charge of the smaller contractors for warships that would be compatible with the US Missile Shield, of which an important radar detection system was installed. The locale became internationally prominent as a defence hub, envisaged to be a technological twin of the Bush home city of Austin Texas.

B-2 bombers from Guam began to overfly the Outback on mission practices, and facilities for training US soldiers and equipment through "Joint training" were enhanced. A desalination plant that be capable, using Halliburton technology, of a guaranteed Woomera water supply has just been announced. I've just finished reading a piece in Popular Science discussing the use of new jet technology to launch US Marines to anywhere in the world.

Using such technology would allow, for example, US soldiers based in Australia to be on the doorsteps of Tehran in just a few hours of travel.

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While implementation of such activity is still far away, the required technologies are coming along nicely, and much of the relevant experimentation is being carried out Down Under. The costs are low enough that an experimenter or demonstrator can accept that not every flight must be a success- and we can recover the hardware. Dickman also said on his Australian vist that "Propulsion, of course, brings a whole separate set of unanswered questions. Beyond that, the question is where hydrocarbon fuelled scramjets will top out - Mach 8, or maybe Mach 10? What's the limit for Hydrogen fuelled scramjets?

Is a combined cycle system the future for space access? Until the scramjet technology becomes feasible the already existing technology will have to suffice. If Cheney had planned to use Kistler-style rockets to carry attacking troops to a hotspot in the '90s, he'll be able to "make do" in this early stage of the New American Century. In the meantime both the old and new technologies have a home in which to hone their rough edges.

This year marks Woomera's 60th birthday. As past residents, many of them former representatives of the US and UK Governments, return there to reminisce, they could well be gathering at place that will one day be remembered as the womb of an interplanetary human civilisation. The visions of the great cultural inventors Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and Robert Heinlein have the potential to be enacted within the next few years, as the rapid advances in computer, biological and nanotech technology enable us to leap into the universe.

Alternatively, Woomera and South Australia could become globally detested as the place from which one nations military might could inflict hand-to-hand Shock and Awe in any region of the world at a moment's notice. In dedicating technology to war or peace, the choice belongs to Dick Cheney.

Apparently, 30 years later, the F is still the only aircraft in the ADF's service that can make Mach 2. The facility aims to co-ordinate in association with local industry in the development of defence technology and encourage the further development of hypersonic aeronautical technology. To test the scramjet in Woomera, a rocket carrying the engine is shot over km above the Earth - higher than the space shuttle - then turns and once entering the atmosphere engages for only five seconds and plummets into the ground.

At the moment the Australian Defence Force has only one type of aircraft that can exceed mach two, the F, which is being phased out of service in But Brisbane residents need not worry about any UFO's buzzing above their homes, all practical testing will be conducted from the Woomera testing ground in South Australia. With targeting for ballistic missiles done from half way around the world and UAVs, it looks like we can have Shock and Awe anywhere we want completely without risk to the attacker.

It will be pretty cool if Woomera has the capability to detect targets as the Narrungar base did with Scud launchers in Gulf War! In the long term the project is hoped, according to its director, "to enable operationally responsive space access.

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They do this in Florida. But Florida has a very wet, stormy climate while Woomera has a very dry and unstormy one. Vehicles launched from Woomera that strike trouble would land in the desert, where those from Kennedy land in the sea. On the face of it, launches in Australia would better be done from somewhere like Broome lat 18 degrees S, around that of Cairns. But then again, cyclones become a problem there. No names, no pack drill.

If the future of South Australia is to be Superman's phone box, one of suborbital American SWAT divisions blasting off and blasting back on again for Truth, Justice and the American way wherever the latter are seen to be required, then Jehovah, Allah and Ahura Mazda , help us all.

As was this response from Kevin Rudd on Adelaide radio talkback :. Hello, Mr Rudd. But, this being an election year, Sir, I firmly believe that sound principal-based policy can always be afforded.

Skylark: The unsung hero of British space

Fast-growing species could bounce back but slower trees like mulga and myall suffered the most, especially in the absence of Aboriginal burning regimes to germinate seeds. Jessup noticed the Precambrian rocks but did not stop to look for fossils. He was more focused on the windblown sands: evidence of how pastoralism was recreating the arid conditions of the Pleistocene. The same year saw the end of the second world war. Far away in another hemisphere, a rocket capable of reaching outer space had been built and two bombs detonated.

These events would shape the world for decades to come and leave their imprint in the outback of South Australia. In , there were many people roaming the South Australian deserts. One was geologist Reg Sprigg, searching for uranium to supply the growing demand for nuclear weapons. He started with the old Radium Hill mine in the east and surveyed Mount Painter in the Flinders Ranges, before coming to the Ediacara Hills in the north of the ranges. On the gentle slopes, he was struck by ancient sandstone slabs, generally a poor type of stone for fossil preservation.

The round impressions that he saw looked like flattened jellyfish and large segmented worms but the rock was clearly Precambrian. Only single-celled animals were supposed to be preserved in these rocks. The discovery was initially received with scepticism. Some argued that the shapes were natural phenomena.

Others disputed the dates. The creatures then received names. Dickinsonia was the flat pancake worm. The jellyfish turned out to be mostly the discoid holdfast of the frond-shaped Charnia. Sprigg lent his name to the mysterious segmented Spriggina species — maybe a worm, maybe a frond, maybe something like the later trilobites. The decay rate of uranium isotopes trapped in a zircon crystal from the Namibian site confirmed that the fauna dated from million years ago.

The Anglo-Australian Joint Project was established to develop weapons for Britain and Australia hoped, through this arrangement, to gain a greater defence capacity to fend off Asia. The German V-2 rocket, which had devastated London in the last months of the war, would form the basis of this new weapon system.

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Senior British military personnel took a flight to see the proposed area for themselves. They flew over the Central Aborigines Reserve on the borders between South and Western Australia, the direction in which the future rockets would be launched. To their eyes, the red desert recalled another: the white sands around the Trinity site in New Mexico in the US, where the first atom bomb was exploded in Aboriginal people became a trace fossil in the land deemed empty — hidden in plain sight. In , on the first reconnaissance for a place to build the township that would service the rocket range, surveyors found tens of thousands of stone tools at Phillip Ponds.

Recognising that evidence of Aboriginal occupation also meant the presence of water, they selected this location for the Woomera Village, named after the wooden spear-thrower used by Aboriginal people in many parts of Australia. The street names in the new town were sourced from a vocabulary compiled by HM Cooper, published in as Australian Aboriginal Words and Their Meanings. Only three other rocket launch sites existed in the entire world in the s.

In the following decades, Australian scientists designed sounding rockets for upper atmosphere research and worked on British long-range ballistic missiles like the Blue Streak. They also collaborated with the US in establishing another new technology: tracking the satellites that were planned for launch in the International Geophysical Year of — The satellite launcher Europa was a collaboration between six European nations and Australia in the early s.

The two launch pads stand on the edge of a blindingly white salt lake. Rock art sites can be found on outcrops and boulders around the lower edge of the steep shores. Writing about Woomera and Maralinga, Southall constantly emphasises the silence of a landscape where, he avers, even Aboriginal people speak in undertones.

This seems supremely ironic when you think of rocket engines roaring, or the more sinister blast of an atom bomb. There, near the bomb towers that vanished, the very surface of the desert has become as glass. The vitrified sand is the same iron oxide-coated sediment of the Pleistocene aeolian dunes, now with a greenish tinge like a cheap wine bottle.

Results show no contamination

Such nuclear glass is highly collectible and is sometimes called trinitite after the glass from the Trinity site in New Mexico. Generations of Aboriginal people and white Australians still suffer the effects of exposure to radiation. At Woomera, I go to look at the grave monuments in the cemetery on the hill outside the town. There are multiple stillbirths and infant deaths, often in the same family. A local urban myth held that if a pregnant woman stood on the hill facing Maralinga during a bomb test, the sex of the foetus would be revealed in X-ray silhouette.

On our way we pass an unusual farm shed. I learn that such scavenging has distributed the artefacts of rockets and bombs all over the state. On another day, the women are driving up the Ooldea track towards the transcontinental railway line. One roasted a wombat the night before and distributes chunks to us. As we gnaw on the bones, the women point out campsites off to the side of the track.