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On February 4, , the colony of Victoria adopted an official badge for use on the British Blue Ensign.

Confederate Flags of the Old South History, Timeline & Pictures

That first Victoria badge had five white stars with varying numbers of points, arranged to correspond to the Southern Cross. Privately owned vessels used the same badge on the British Red Ensign until , when Britain forbade that practice. On April 6, , the badge was changed to a white disk with the imperial crown above a blue shield bearing the Southern Cross constellation. On November 12, , the present flag was proclaimed by the governor, Sir George Ferguson-Bowen, and the new design appeared in the Government Gazette on November A change in the design of the crown was authorized on September 19, , following the death of Queen Victoria , but the modification was not performed until January 6, Flag of Victoria.

Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Dr Russell Kennedy , Deakin University. Under the Southern Cross we stand, as we have for more than 40, years.

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Ausflag Former Australian PM Paul Keating famously stated in his Redfern speech : It is a test of our self-knowledge; of how well we know the land we live in. Indigenous recognition is very much at the heart of the flag issue. Australian Aboriginal flag. Wikimedia Commons In coming years Australians will participate in a referendum to change the Australian Constitution so that it formally acknowledges Indigenous peoples pre-occupation of the Australian continent.

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The design proposal I think the Ausflag design should be revisited. Author My suggestion is to change the colours of the stars from white to yellow is linked to the Aboriginal flag.

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Southern Cross national flag and supporting ensigns. Author The above design proposal suggests that supporting ensigns would all share the same design as the national flag as a statement of unity.

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It would be good to read your views below. Indigenous culture Design Australian flag. You might also like The sacred site of Uluru.

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    The flag was flown at the centre of the stockade fortification at the battle of the Eureka Stockade on 3 rd December During the battle Henry Ross was mortally wounded near the flagpole.

    Wp/nys/Koodjal Koodjal Djookan (Southern Cross)

    Following the battle, the flag was torn down and damaged with swords and bullets by troopers. Trooper John King souvenired the flag and it was held by his family until it was loaned to the Ballarat Art Gallery in , where it remained with bits of the flag cut off and given to visiting dignitaries.

    It was long suspected that the flag was a replica until the flag was compared with an authenticated fragment that been cut off on 3 December — the day the rebellion was suppressed. A comparison of the fibres of the fragment and matrix put the authenticity of the flag in the Gallery beyond doubt as they were found to be identical. Since the original miners revolt at Eureka, the flag, born out of adversity, continues to be regarded by some as a symbol of nationalism, closely associated with this struggle for democracy.

    Some Australian republicans have suggested the Eureka Flag design be among the options for an official redesign of the Flag of Australia to the electorate in a plebiscite.

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    • The Eureka Flag is commonly used as a symbol of nationality, and radicalism. It is used by political groups and radicals as all round symbol of protest.