Guide Healing Ourselves from Medicine: How Anthroposophy Can Save Your Life

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Integrative medicine is the art and science that addresses the whole person and uses both conventional and complementary therapies to prevent and treat disease, but most importantly to promote optimal health. Integrative physicians work together to transform health care to integrate all aspects of well-being, including physical, environmental, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health, thereby contributing to the healing of ourselves and of our planet.

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Can The Body Actually Heal Itself?

Integrative Family Medicine accepts all insurance plans that participate with the University of Michigan Health System. If you an appointment for a consultation please download and complete a copy of our intake form here: Integrative Medicine First Visit Consultation Form. Integrative Family Medicine.

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Integrative Oncology Consultations: A consultation similar to above to design an integrative regime for supportive care using an evidence informed approach. Montessori schools. One website advocating and explaining. The American Montessori Society. The decentralized. One website listing democratic schools.

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Upon leaving Waldorf schools — at graduation or earlier —. Likewise, some students still enrolled at Waldorf schools feel the need. One option is to consider free on-line public schooling,.

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Parents who remove students from Waldorf schools. One affordable option is provided by. Literacy is often a p roblem for young Waldorf students. Waldorf schools almost always postpone reading instruction. Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes. An online education site with over 3, videos. The philosophy is the antithesis of the prescriptive Waldorf approach. More Sites. If you have come here for aid and comfort, you presumably have misgivings. In that case, you may find the following websites helpful:.

People for Legal and Nonsectarian Schools. Waldorf Awareness. All of these sites are, in various ways, critical of Waldorf education. Several are listed at the "Links" page here at Waldorf Watch:. An Internet search will turn up plenty more.

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Here is a list, prepared in by Margaret Sachs, of Waldorf-critical websites. Several of the sites appear in other sections of this page. Partly with that in mind, I have edited the list slightly.

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Help Pages. These are some pages here at Waldorf Watch. Help Too. Help 3. Help 4. Help 5. Help 6. Advice for Parents. A Little Light Reading. To help, here is a reading list. It is by no means complete, but it should at least get you started. Many of the articles and books listed are critical of Waldorf schools or Anthroposophy, but some offer praise to one degree or another. For this list, I have tried to cite writings from a wide array of sources, with the exception of Anthroposophical organs. John T. Sandberg and Trond K.

Kristoffersen, "Warm and Woolly?

Anthroposophic Medicine: An Integrative Medical System Originating in Europe

Eugenie C. Anthroposophy and Steiner are discussed in numerous dictionaries and encyclopedias dealing with spiritual matters. Among scholars, there is little doubt that Anthroposophy should be considered a religion or even a cult. A few examples of volumes that discuss Anthroposophy in this vein, sometimes quite critically:. Geoffrey W. Eerdmans Publishing Co. James R. It is quite interesting or so I am told. As I approached 12th grade graduation at a Waldorf school, I realized that I was unprepared for college.

I had friends who went to others schools, and I was ashamed when I realized that they knew more about almost everything than I did. Therefore I began a concerted, private study program after school. I am aware that some other Waldorf students have made similar efforts. Waldorf Watch. Search this site.

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    Steiner's Racism. Is It a Religion? Steiner's Blunders. What a Guy.