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You can find insecticides at your local home improvement store. Look for products labeled for use with bees.

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It will take about a week for the solution to kill all of the bees in the nest. Exercise caution when using insecticides, as they are toxic to pets, other wildlife and humans. What if you just want the bees to relocate? There are many home remedies that will drive out bees without actually killing them.

If you have ground bees, this method can help drive out bees and keep them from coming back in the future. Ground bees prefer to build their nests in dry, sandy soil. Dry soil attracts nesting females.

Watering your lawn frequently will keep the soil moist, and deter bees. For a natural way to deter bees, consider making your own bee spray. Bees are naturally attracted to sweet smells, like fruit, honey and floral perfumes. Another great way to keep bees away is to simply plant bee-repelling plants in your garden or in containers near your home. Another alternative bee repelling method is to sprinkle ground cinnamon around the hive for at least a week.

The smell will deter the bees, and may cause them to relocate their hive. Like many other insects, the scent of mothballs deters bees. Hanging them around the yard or placing them in strategic locations around the house can prevent bees from building nests — or just keep your yard bee-free all summer long. It may be time to call in the professionals. Professional bee extermination can be costly, depending on the location and size of the nest. But a bee exterminator will have all the right tools and knowledge to help you get rid of the infestation once and for all.

Extermination should be considered as a last resort, especially if you have a honey bee infestation. Honey bees are critical to the environment and crop pollination, and their populations are already dwindling. Whenever possible, opt for removal of the hive rather than extermination of the hive. The African honey bee looks slightly different than the European honey bee.

Color differences are most apparent, but the most common honey bee appearance includes:. The honey bee is one-half to three-fourths an inch in length. Some honey bees look black, too. Unfertilized eggs produce drones. Worker bees and females are a result of fertilized eggs that require a mother and father to be produced.

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In scientific classification, the honey bee is part of the Animalia kingdom, Arthropoda phylum and Insecta class. This is a stomach, or a special organ, that is part of the esophagus. When the bee arrives back at the hive, it regurgitates the contents in the organ. This will help begin the process of turning the nectar into honey via the house bee.

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How to Get Rid of Bees: 15 Ways to Kill (or Repel) Them Effectively

This depends. If the honey bee is domesticated, they will make hives inside of wooden containers that are made by beekeepers.

But in the wild, these bees are a little more intuitive. Scout bees will look for an area that they deem ideal to grow a colony. The honey bee swarm occurs when a new colony is formed. This can leave tens of thousands of bees in the air. Warm weather is the ideal time to swarm. The colony must grow large enough before a swarm is attempted, so there is no exact date or time when this occurs.

Spring and summer months when the weather is warmest are the most common time a swarm will occur. This is the goal of the worker honey bee. Some states and countries have protective laws in place to help honey bees thrive. No, but their numbers are declining, which is a cause for concern.

Keeping honeybees doesn't save bees – or the environment

The U. If you want to know how to get rid of honey bees in a responsible way, your best bet is to call in a beekeeper that will save as many bees as possible and move them to a new location. The only males in the colony, these bees are discarded in the autumn, as their only purpose it to mate. This is a major issue that has focused on pesticides called neonicotinoids. The issue is that these pesticides turn the bees into zombies, according to research. Scientists recently found a parasite causing disease among bees.

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  6. This is a part of the problem, and when samples of pollen were taken, 21 chemicals were found in a single sample. Scientists further found that eight chemicals increase the risk of bees being infected by the parasite.

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    Parasites are made more powerful, and with 10 million beehives dying out in six years, this is a major concern. Insecticides, disease, exterminators and a variety of other things can kill home bees. In some circumstances, the honey bee stinger will get stuck in the skin, causing it to rip out and kill the bee.

    How to help the UK’s bees

    Tarping the Nest 2. Soapy Boiling Mint Water 3. Call an Exterminator 5. Call a Beekeeper 6. Use a Vinegar Spray 8. Make a Soda Bottle Trap 9. Call Bonac Bees for professional honey bee removal and relocation. Pease describe where the swarm is located. Include how high it is off the ground and any other information to help us locate it. Please descdribe where the swarm is. In a tree, 15 feet off the ground. Under a porch. On a fence. In the house. Did you see the swarm land? How long has the swarm been at the location? Less than an hour hours hours hours days 3 days to a month Over one month Over one year.

    Questions or comments? Please email Debbie BonacBees. You can also call us. Questions or Comments? Bee pollen is usually available at natural food stores, health stores, and some drugstores. Most people have never heard of propolis, a sticky and resinous substance that bees use to seal small gaps in the hive. It is purported to have a variety of medical uses including the treatment of sores, acting as an antioxidant, and boosting immunity. It is also used in commercial products like cosmetics, car wax, and chewing gum.

    Many agricultural producers will pay to have hives temporarily relocated to their fields to provide pollination services. Hives are generally contracted for service for a period of three to five weeks. Almond crops have the highest demand for commercial pollination, followed by sunflower and canola. New bee operations always need stock for starting their hives, and established beekeepers may need replacement bees due to swarming or disease. Many beekeepers establish a profitable sideline for their own honey making or pollinating businesses—providing bees and custom-built hives or kits to others in the industry.