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We never have been. Everything is as it should be. Paradise has returned. He slips his hand behind my neck, beneath the fall of my hair. I tingle with joy and scrunch my shoulders to my ears, unable to fight each fluttering breath that tickles my skin, and I giggle with happiness. We have all the time in the world to linger, to explore, to finally enjoy the moment.

I slide my hands up his strong chest and lock my fingers around his neck to anchor myself to him forever. Though in this moment, feeling the real love we share, untouched by the Society, not manipulated by the Masters, the way love is meant to be, I know we will never be apart again. Not ever. When I open my eyes, still wrapped in his loving embrace, I see that the two of us are floating several feet above the ground, hovering midair within the gardens that seem to bloom around us, for us, just for us.

Anything can happen in Gibeon. It must be true because as the energy that we share surges around us, in my mind, I ask the flickering green fireflies to transform into a swarm of sparkling white butterflies. They do in that instant and flutter away as we kiss again. Somehow I managed to accomplish everything I set out to do. The Normal world is rid of Wanderers, and free of their control. Animate: Mechanical, living and breathing, animated animals. Animate Anatomy: Class taught at the Academy of Wanderers focusing on the mechanics and care of Animates.

Chosen: A time traveler chosen by the Masters to evoke all three abilities of a team: Wanderer, Protector, and Seer. Cities of Time: There are twelve hidden cities of time.

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Wanderers only gain access to each by ascending the ranks of the Society of Wanderers. Contrapulator: Machine that traps and steals dreams while sleeping, trading them with recorded information. Defense Arts: Class taught at the Academy of Wanderers for the instruction of the art of physical defense. Dreamdrive: Crystal hard drive that inserts into a contrapulator to record and save all your dreams. Elijah Vanderpool: b. He and his father, Macon, also invented several important contraptions used by Wanderers: the Contrapulator, the Unfragmentation machine, and the Relicutionist.

The video surveillance system used at the Washington Square Academy of Wanderers to not only protect its students but also to watch them. Fragmentation: 1 The process of breaking apart a relic, rendering it unsuitable and dangerous for time traveling. Gibeon: One of the cities of time. The capital city of Wanderers, which randomly moves through time to protect its location from the Normals. Grand Master: The high leader of the Society of Wanderers. Grand Lodge: The capitol building in the city of Gibeon, where the Oaths to the Society and other secret rituals are performed.

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Harvester: A Wanderer possessing a special gift who travels the world, searching the minds of the descendants of Wanderers, seeking out those who carry the gift of Wandering, Protecting, or Seeing, for the purpose of recruiting them for the Society of Wanderers. Hologram: A beam of light and energy that produces a realistic three-dimensional form. King Unika: Mythological Wanderer. Believed to be the first Wanderer of Egypt.

The ultimate relic that allows any Wanderer to travel to wherever their heart desires. Library Archives: The library of ancient books in Olde Town. Life Path: The history of a relic and all the places it has traveled, visualized by the special gift of a Seer. Masters: The makers or gods of Wanderers. Oaths to the Society: An anointment ceremony held in the Wandering capital of Gibeon at the Grand Lodge, where junior year Wanderers, Protectors, and Seers will dedicate their lives to the Society.

Symbol of the Wandering people. Although underground, the city gives the impression of being outdoors with the use of atmosphere machines, which control weather and light. Physics of Wandering: Class taught at the Academy of Wanderers focusing on physics as it pertains to time travel. Protector: One of three in a Wandering team that travels time. He or she is connected mentally to the Seer through all senses and accompanies and protects a Wanderer during time travels. A Protector can traverse time only when in physical contact with his or her Wanderer.

Protectors become experts in defense, history, linguistics, cultures, and the overall ability to blend seamlessly into any period of time. The symbol of a Protector is a scorpion. Hopefully, Seraphina would truly have it eventually. It's a fast-paced read as well. I finished Protecting Truth in one sitting.

The setting is realistic as it gets and also incredibly mind-boggling. I honestly enjoyed it. Actual Rating: 3. May 24, Jaiden rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc-copy , tear-producers , for-review , 5-stars , favorites , e-books , crushes , sci-fi , time-travel. The story line and time-travel element was so unique and I quickly fell for this series. The characters were pretty darn awesome too. At the start of this book we have Sera kicking some booty. She has been working hard to progress her fighting skills so that she can go back and save her mother.

But she has a protector for that right? Ya, but she plans on going alone so that no one she cares about can get hurt. Hence the fighting training. One big catch though Bishop's twin brother, Turner, has been helping her all summer break long. Ya, that's one way to heat up the already feuding brothers.. And there is something Bishop is hiding.. There is still danger lurking at every corner!! This book was even better than the first!

There were lies, betrayals, flirting, flirting with hot boys, returns of enemies And once again I stayed up till 2 am finishing the book. See what you do Mrs. She is a pleasant protagonist to follow. And most pleasantly I was in love with Bishop but we got to see a whole lot more of this twin of his and I fell hard. Like, wow. Ya, he is just So, I have a new favorite!!! It had some more humor thanks to Turner and I like to laugh. You guys I died!! Michelle Warren is one heck of a writer and I wish this series got more hype than it does.

It deserves it! Protecting Truth is utterly amazing! I enjoyed staying past my bed time ; flipping through its pages. I was hooked from the beginning and didn't want to put it down. I needed to finish it right then and there. No exceptions I am SO excited to see what happens in the final book.

Ugh guys, If you haven't picked up this series yet It has everything a good book needs. It is thrilling to the brim. Especially this book. It is amazing and creative and you will love it without a doubt. This review is pretty short but it has to do because there was way too much that went on for me to even begin to describe Your just gonna have to trust me on how good it was.

You all know I don't give out 5 stars to just an book. It seriously has to be pretty outstanding to make that mark and this book hit it. Sep 24, Katie rated it it was amazing. I cannot express how long I have been sitting in anticipation for this book to read on my Kindle! Thank you Michelle for letting me review it for you! If only it were real, if only, if only! The idea of being a Wanderer, being able to time travel to any point in time, is just incredible!

Primarily, let me just say this… I am literally in shock. I cannot believe what I have just read. Protecting Truth was fantastic!! But I am in total shock.

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Shock, shock, shock. I get way too emotionally involved in books Okay, now that that is out of my system, I can carry on!

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  • She is a strong, independent character, who I feel I am able to connect to easily due to her personality. When it comes to people she cares about, she is loving. If the people she cares about are in danger, she is fearless. You can clearly infer how much Sera has grown as an individual. He is a very intriguing guy; you can never tell what he is thinking, however he is a smart and striking character, one whom you feel instantly drawn to.

    Now, if you though Wander Dust was full of secrets and mystery, you have not seen anything yet! Things are revealed that just shock you. Yes, the shock I mentioned earlier is partly due to this. Secrets and mysteries are unveiled within this book. Many, you would not see coming. That fact just shows how what an utterly amazing, and talented writer Michelle Warren is! Let me say this. So, yes, the ending was one that I did not expect.

    Protecting Truth was full of mystery, romance, suspense and anticipation. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment that I spent reading it! There are numerous twists and turns in the plot, leaving you hanging and craving to read more. So, if you haven't read this book or Wander Dust , go and do so. Open that New Tab. Just do it. Thank you ever so much, Michelle, for letting me review Protecting Truth! I loved ever second! I am now anticipating, not so patiently, for book number three…That cliff-hanger. Oh my! Jun 27, Kimberly rated it really liked it Shelves: series , ebook , reviewed , young-adult , supernatural , boarding-school.

    There is just so much twist in this book. This book is all about Sera trying to save her mom from the Underground. She has plan in mind wherein she would go by herself and try to save her again. During her search for her mom, she actually discovered more about herself, and everything about her life in the Wandering society.

    Secrets unfolds leaving Sera doubtful about the life she currently has. I never expected this book to be a rebellion to a certain society or government, like most dystop Ok. I never expected this book to be a rebellion to a certain society or government, like most dystopians. I don't really like it that that is the approach that the author wants for her story. Everyone is being manipulated and no one can do anything about it except for the heroine. Suzanne Collins, writer of Hunger Games, couldn't even manage that one, making her last book a suckish one.

    Though, I compliment the author for somehow tying everything up, in most of them anyway. Like what I said in the 1st part, there are so much twists in this story that you just wouldn't expect. Well, most of them are quite intriguing and interesting but some are just plain weird.

    The bad part about this is that the author didn't really prolong the mystery. It's like most of what she unravelled here ended here.

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    She should have prolonged it to make it more interesting like Turner. Now, let's go to the guy problem. Bishop is a stupid hero. You call him a Protector considering how weak he actually is. Seriously, the other Protector is way better than him. Also, he is sinful for a hero! He doesn't have the right to be jealous or angry at anything because he is a freaking asshole, for what he did. Most especially to Turner. Yes, I'm pro Turner. I so wanna shoot him for that.

    Who says that? Next, is about Sera. The weird thing about this is that you can't be an expert by just practicing for one summer. Lastly, I so love Turner in this book. However, sadly, the author can't give me the fun of seeing this character. You'll know soon enough I'm going to start on the 3rd book as soon as I get a copy of it. Not that good of a series but good enough to leave you wanting more. Protecting Truth was a great book. I really enjoyed it.

    We learn more about Wanderers and their history and that they have a capitol. We learn there's an oath they take when they finish their schooling and that there are a ton of perks that come along with that oath. I really felt like this society of Wanderers existed alongside our world. I was intrigued by the family secrets that came out in Protecting Truth. The whole thing with Mona not really being her aunt, and two possible protectors was n Protecting Truth was a great book. The whole thing with Mona not really being her aunt, and two possible protectors was not expected.

    Twins are apparently not a good thing, but it's not surprising, because then you end up with someone having 2 protectors. I thought this part was interesting, and you have to wonder how many times it's happened before. Especially because it seems like they have a plan in place. While you don't really get what the point is, or why there's a need for a team, I still like the idea of people working together to time travel.

    Maybe there is no point, and it just so happens that there are people who have these abilities. It really is the details that Warren works in that make the series, because there's so much more to this world than what we see. With the Underground getting more interesting and taking on the Society Of Wanderers. I can't wait to see where things are headed, and what's really going on. You know there's something there, but it really hasn't come up in the way I was expecting, so it would appear that everything is going to come out in the last book.

    I thought the characters were great, and some even surprised me. There's part of me that wants to talk about them, but at the same time, I'd be giving away major plot points, and I don't want to do that either. Let's just say that Sera hasn't even scratched the surface of things that she first learned about in Wander Dust.

    Seeing light the seraphina parrish trilogy 3 doc

    Sera's definitely an interesting character, and I thought her training with Turner, Bishop's twin, was interesting. I get why she wants to train, but what's the point of having a protector if you're going through additional training? I didn't care for the secrets she kept from her team, because they work in teams for a reason whatever that reason may be.

    I get why she kept secrets, but it still sort of irked me. I like all of the details that Warren has, and it really feels like its own world. There's so much going on, and I can't wait to read the next one! I really liked it, and while I didn't love it, it was still a fun read. Protecting Truth gets 4 stars. Sep 18, Michelle rated it really liked it. Wander Dust was a great read, Protecting Truth was amazing. We meet back up with Sera during break from school, Bishop, her protector, is back home in London and Sam, her seer, is away.

    There is more fighting and more mysteries to solve. Turner, Bishop's twin brother, is on the scene and is constantly in the background trying to get Sera to notice him, and notice him she does but for all the wrong reasons. The romance between Bishop and Sera is still there, and there are a few more couples, but I felt like Sera wasn't in it with her whole heart but as we found out more a HUGE secret is revealed, one that I did not expect but one that also explained things.

    Nov 12, RivkaBelle rated it really liked it Shelves: ya , for-review , ebooks , fantasy. Review originally published on my blog: AWordsWorth. See, Michelle Warren has a knack for telling a story that hooks you and draws you in, and while the book itself is this perfectly spun story, it leaves you wanting so much more. Protecting Truth opens a few months after the end of Wander Dust, just as summer is ending and th eBook provided by author for review.

    Protecting Truth opens a few months after the end of Wander Dust, just as summer is ending and the new school year about to begin for Sera and her cronies. Unable to stand the separation from Bishop any longer, Sera wanders to England for a surprise visit -- setting in motion a chain of events that rocks the Academy. And so Sera's second year at the Academy begins on a stressful note, made worse by the ever-increasing tension between Bishop and Turner - his fraternal twin, and Sera's secret collaborator.

    See, Turner has been making defense training holograms for Sera, and she can now kick some major tail on her own - which would make Bishop feel inadequate and unwanted, since, you know, he's her Protector. Crazy stuff. Plus, Cece and the Academy's enemies are back in full-force, and the stakes just keep getting raised higher and higher. The tension and story and all the I don't want to give anything up, because this is a story you've got to really experience for yourself.

    So I'll tease you a little: the tension between Turner and Bishop? It's more than just twin-rivalry. All the secrets that Sera thought she figured out last year? They barely even scratch the surface. And the ending. There are no words. Except "wow" and "where's the rest of the story, Michelle?!?!?! I need the rest of this story. The characters, the drama, the amazingness of wandering who doesn't want to be able to wander, by the way? Yup, Michelle Warren has officially created one awesome world. And left me hanging.

    Oct 06, Pam rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in , paranormal-read-in Sera is learning to defend herself with the help of Turner and she is trying to keep it secret from her team. She doesn't want Bishop to think she doubts he can protect her or that she is working that closely with his twin. The truth is she wants to go back and rescue her mom and doesn't want her team to know what she has planned. The trouble begins when Sera and Turner share a kiss and lots of secrets start unraveling. I enjoyed Sera a lot in this book. She does some foolish things but in fact Sera is learning to defend herself with the help of Turner and she is trying to keep it secret from her team.

    She does some foolish things but in fact she is doing them to try and save her mom. At first when it started going towards a love triangle I thought I would be put off but in truth it works out and never really gets to that stage. Bishop you find out lots more about him in this book that may just change your mind about him. Now on to Turner well you know he is hot cause he is Bishop's twin after all but they are so different.

    He is an amazing character and I will say I am team Turner something I didn't think I would be when I started reading this book.

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    You also get to see lots of the other characters you got to meet in Wander Dust and several of them will leave you shocked. Can I just say Michelle Warren is an amazing writer. This is a series that really should get more hype than it does. You just want to go up to people and say read this!!! This second book in The Seraphina Parrish Trilogy will leave you feeling wrung out emotionally and wanting so much more. The time travel as usually is fantastic but the character development is what it is about in this book for me. Parrish's - Science Fiction & Fantasy: Books

    Be prepared for loads of bomb shells and secrets coming to life in this book. Don't think yo know all about the characters cause this book will prove you wrong. Sep 19, T. Smith rated it really liked it. This trilogy is a story of love, loss, betrayal and self awareness. Seraphina Parish starts out as a confused teenager trying to figure out who she is and why her dreams are haunted.

    When she moves to Chicago to live with her aunt the mystery starts to unravel. Sera learns she is gifted with abilities that are both wonderful and dangerous. She attends school with other teenagers like her with heightened awareness and special talents. She hones her skills as a Wanderer, falls for her protector, m This trilogy is a story of love, loss, betrayal and self awareness. She hones her skills as a Wanderer, falls for her protector, makes friends and makes enemies.

    In Protecting Truth Sera is growing as a person, a wanderer and a fighter.

    Confessor (Chainfire 2)Audiobook Part 2

    But she is keeping secrets from Bishop and the rest of her team, a decision that could have deadly consequences. Sera is trying to save her mother and while doing so, she uncovers even more secrets about herself and the Wanderer society. There is corruption, more lies and an oh so hot love triangle between Sera, Bishop and the twin brother, Turner. Sera's life is ever evolving as is her confusion. Who can she trust? In Seeing Light, Sera learns that the secrets of the Society run deep, as does the corruption. Over the course of this trilogy she has grown so much, but she still has a purpose.

    I think that all the characters evolved in this final installment and became so much more than they were in the beginning. Mystery, heartbreak, suspense and intrigue overflowed in this action packed finale to a much loved series. I loved that throughout these books Sera and Bishop continued to grow and learn. Bishop is angry, confused and hurt; but he's steadfast and loyal. An unexpected turn of events and an ending I didn't see coming, made this both sad and satisfying. Sad to see the journey end, but very satisfied with how it did.

    Sep 19, Melissa Simmons rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-adult , favorites. Originally published on. Check out my blog post for this book! Includes book trailers, teaser pics, a quiz, book info, and for a limited time, a giveaway!! Check it out here! This story has been exciting from the beginning of the first book, but this sequel has catapulted it to new levels! Seraphina, as always, has found trouble and adventure, in ways that seem impossible. As much as she makes me shake my head, and bite my nails in worry, I love her determination and independence.

    Bishop has become a guy I really enjoy re Check out my blog post for this book! Bishop has become a guy I really enjoy reading about- I love finding out what he's going to do next, especially in reaction to the things Sera does, and the scenarios she causes. The other part of her Wandering Team, Samantha, has grown on me quite a bit as well.

    She's tough, for being so young, and has a heart I admire. This adventure keeps getting better with each book, and I can't wait to finish this trilogy. I love Michelle Warren's writing, and the way she's created this world-behind-the-world. This is definitely a book I'd recommend to any YA Paranormal Fantasy fan, although I'd say you should for sure read Wander Dust first, so you know what's going on in better details.

    Sep 24, Lizzie rated it it was amazing. Sera is starting her second year at the Academy for Wanderers. Out of the thee in her team she was the only one who stayed in the apartments during the summer, while the other two went home. She has focused her summer on getting ready for a quest she is hoping to do on her own without her protector and seer.

    Her quest is to find her mother and rescue her. She works on finding a relic to get to her, and spending hours on end with the help of Turner Bishop's twin working on her fighting skills. All of this she is keeping from her boyfriend and protector, Bishop. When everyone returns back for the school year everything turns into a mess for Sera and the academy. Perpetua and her team even come back for the school year which makes no since to Sera. Everything seems to be off, but Sera has to remember she has only been a part of this life for only a year and she doesn't quite understand everything.

    This book brought me for a ride. Michelle Warren is very good at writing twists and doesn't quite allow you to figure out what's going on. I have to say most of this book was very frustrating for me, I was hoping Sera would do this, or say that, and things kept piling up. She was able to give an explanation to pretty much everything in a way that was very unexpected, and it made the frustrating ride worth it and gratifying. Can't wait to read Seeing Light and the outcome of this very intriguing story line.

    So I read the first book in the series Wander Dust and I enjoyed it but had hoped that this one would be even better. Like I said I liked it but it was not much better than the first. I was able to finish it faster than the first so it did keep my attention better. It just left me wanting to know what the point of being a Wanderer was or if there even was a point. It had a lot of action but maybe too much for me. This might be a slight spoiler and I am sorry if you think it is but I have to say that the beginning scene starts with her in a fight and it goes on forever it seemed.

    Normally I love a lot of details but this was more than I needed and I was glad when it was over. I hate to say it but it almost felt like the author was trying to get a certain word count in. It also left me with a lot of questions but that makes it a little intriguing. I also like the building of the world that she created, although it does remind me of the Harry Potter world that is ok because I liked that world to.

    So overall, this one was a little better than the first and I enjoyed escaping reality for a bit with it and I hope the third one will continue to get better and answer some of the questions I have. Seraphina spent her summer training and training and training. She has become an expert fighter and now has the skills it will take to take out Cece and the Underground. She will do whatever it takes to get her mother back But soon Sera realizes she is not the only one keeping secrets. It seems that everyone she loves and trusts is keeping just as many.

    In the end Sera learns that everyone has a choice to make. I am not going to go into a long spiel except to say Seraphina spent her summer training and training and training. I am not going to go into a long spiel except to say that this book snuck up on me. Boy did it ever. I was happily reading along and then BAM! I was taken aback. What started out as a rather slow beginning soon picked up speed towards the end. But before we get to that crazy, epic, cliffhanger… I found secrets were flying out at me left and right.

    Some things, like in book one, don't get answered. But man does it leave a taste for what is to come in book 3. Some of these revelations are a doozy. And Sera will be left reeling, trying to put the pieces of her life back together when all is said and done. Loved Turner. Absolutely, loved him. I am holding out lots and lots of hope for him in the coming book. Things cannot just end like that. Warren do you hear what I am saying? Lets right some wrongs, shall we? I most definitely recommend this book and series beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Pick this book up or both of them today and prepare yourself for an amazing adventure packed with romance, mystery, and suspense. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Young Adult. About Michelle Warren.