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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Countryfile —. Rate This. All Episodes Star: Ellie Harrison. Our Favorite Trailers of the Week. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? She gains consciousness, only to find herself in a basement with two other people. The air outside is contaminated. With no way to determine the truth, she takes it upon herself to get to the bottom of it. The unexpected turn of events that follows will leave you dumbfounded. This slow-burn will surely catch you off-guard with its gasp-inducing twists.

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Before you go in to watch Mother , understand that you won't come out with a gooey, giddy feeling. Its part disturbing part repulsive that will provoke your moralistic and religious beliefs. It's best if you watch this movie without reading any tidbits about it. Let it surprise you and wash you over with its unholiness. To whet your appetite, I'll summarize the convoluted plot in a few words. The meticulously crafted story features Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem in the role of a couple living in the middle of nowhere.

When the strange, uninvited guests come and start staying in their house, things start to go south. The husband pays no heed to the wife's concern about these uninvited guests who have overstayed their welcome, leading to chaos. Final few moments are off the rails, in a good way. Ask anyone about their favorite horror movies, and The Exorcist would probably be on their list. Fast forward over 50 years, this movie is still making noise, more than when it was released in , thanks to the internet where words spread like fire.

The tension and paranoia are ever-present, both on the surface and in its bleak undertone. Rather than relying on good old generic horror tropes, he prefers to take the route of the slow buildup of dread. The Visit is a grim, twisted tale about two teenagers who visit their estranged grandparents on a vacation. Everything appears normal when they arrive and meet their cheerful grandparents.

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Things slowly turn sinister as their aberrant behaviors start freaking the kids out. After the early success of his directed features like The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable , he seemed to have lost his footing. Recently, however, he has found his mojo back with the success of Split and The Visit. He has built his prestigious career upon movies like these where they end with a larger-than-life twist.

The hosts seem a little too gracious, as they keep emphasizing how everyone needs to relax and enjoy themselves. Yet, beneath their calm and composed exterior, something sinister is brewing. As the plot thickens, so does the atmosphere in the house.

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All the drama and suspense converges into an action-heavy last half, delving deep into its superstitious side to take you on a ride. For all you know, she might still have a few wicked tricks up her sleeve. This brilliant masterpiece slowly builds up the distrust among the hosts and the guests to the tipping point, and finally delivers on its promises with an off-the-rail twist. The story follows a couple living a normal life until they run into an old friend from the past. Soon, he starts dropping off mysterious gifts on their doorstep, inching just a little closer every time into their personal lives.

The movie refuses to walk on the path of other films where heroes and villains are clearly defined. Will you root for a ruthless bully or a stalker who is contemplating merciless revenge? As the plot progresses forward, motives become crystal clear, and all the build-up of tension manifests in blood, gore, and sweet little revenge.

The Gift is not an intricate movie, but not for the lack of trying.

The plot follows three teenage girls who get kidnapped by a deranged man with 23 different personalities, with each persona bringing an ordeal of its own kind. The three girls wake up to find themselves trapped in a house with no way out. And then this nightmarish ride begins. Split marks a rebound of Night Shyamalan, who has come out all-guns-blazing after a few hits and misses mostly misses in the last few years.

And what a resurgence has it been! Split delivers a familiar, Shyamalan-style jaw-dropping, mother-of-a-twist near the end, leaving the audience with a lot to contemplate upon. This movie keeps you thinking, and the more you wrap your head around its story and characters, the more you understand the gravity of the situation, which, by the way, is graver than you might imagine.

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If you're looking for some movies like A Quiet Place, Split should be your best bet. It starts off with some awkward teenage romance, transforms into a satirical social commentary, and then brazenly trades its light-hearted exterior for a heavier, sinister tone.

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  • Reluctantly, he agrees to pay them a visit. To his surprise, they seem nice, a bit too nice for comfort. While his girlfriend assures that this is normal, Chris suspects that this family is not what they appear on the surface. When the dark secrets of this family resurface, Chris finds himself in a world of danger.

    The combination of satire and horror works in favor of this movie, thanks to the expert direction of Jordan Peele. Directed by Ari Aster, Hereditary easily falls into one of the best movies of , and arguably the best horror film to come out in the last five years. When I went in to watch this movie on the big screen, I was expecting it to deliver a few jump scares here and there and be done with it.

    After all, the plot and setting seemed familiar enough; A dysfunctional family and a troubled teenager making stupid decisions. We have all been there. I thought I knew what I was getting into, and then it all begun. I was left dumbfounded, and honestly, a little rattled by the end of this feature. They deal with one tragedy after another hoping that this onslaught will end. When they come across a lady who claims she can get in contact with dead people, they get drawn into the world of perpetual chaos and satanic possessions.

    The faster they run from their inevitable tragic fates, the closer it gets to them.