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  • Starlight Nocturne (2012) ~ 20in X 24in ~ Chris Billington;

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Read more about the first Thematic Study Read more about the second Thematic Study Download and Read the Thematic Studies. Taking into account the growing number of requests to UNESCO concerning the recognition of the value of the dark night sky and celestial objects, the World Heritage Centre made its first statement in underlining that the sky or the dark night sky or celestial objects or starlight as such cannot be nominated to the World Heritage List within the framework of the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

However, neither Starlight Reserves, nor Dark Sky Parks can be recognized by the World Heritage Committee as specific types or categories of World Heritage cultural and natural properties since no criteria exist for considering them under the World Heritage Convention. Approuve un budget biennal de Qui nous sommes www. Aidez maintenant!

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